Grosse Pointe Club Yachting


Established in 1926, the first work was completed on a permanent dock. The first assessment of $100 was levied in April of 1929 for protection of the yacht basin and creation of additional slips and clubhouse improvements. Waterfront activity built up in the 30's. The Walker trophy was a gift from Mr. Hiram Walker to promote interest in yachting among members. Late 30's brought the Yachting Committee together and the hosting of DRYA Regattas.
By the 1940 season, it was reported that 38 members  were boat owners and maintained their boats at the Club, 65 members were users of boats belonging to the Club, and that 46 children had been instructed in sailing.  The installation of a metal seawall and concrete dock began in May of 1952. Yachting activity began to rise and beginning in 1959, the presentation of the John Buel Warren, Jr. Memorial Trophy was established and presented to the most outstanding Junior Sailor. By the year 1957, 33 children were enrolled in the Junior Sail Program and the DRYA awarded the Club the Sutton Trophy.
In the 60's the recommendation of new boat wells came from the Commodore. He estimated that in the next season there would be 64 boats owned by members, and we only had 36 wells that could be considered adequate. This issue was resolved when boat owners decided to pay a 3 year fee in advance. By 1968, the Yachting Committee elected to install separate electric meters for the three yachts on which whip personnel were living. In August, the Club sponsored the Mallory Cup Regatta, which was regarded by many as the "greatest sailing event" in the United States.
The harbor continued to flourish throughout the next three decades, and by the late 90's the walk down to the shore would reveal a much expanded harbor with slips for 76 boats with many crafts much larger than ever before. The Junior Sailing program continued to grow with new Flying Juniors and Optimist Class boats and enrollment of 30+ students for beginners and intermediate racing sailors.  It was decided that the Jr. Sailing program become a separate entity of The Grosse Pointe Club.  In the early part of 2002, The Grosse Pointe Club Junior Sailing Club was born and became a 501.c3 organization.  In September 2004 it hosted it's first "Annual Silent Auction & Jr. Sail Raffle" where over 80 members attended and brought in over $30,000 to benefit the sailing program. Thus, the harbor is an important part of history to this special place we call "the Little Club".