Dining at Grosse Pointe Club

Grosse Pointe Club Dining

We have the most magnificent views of the Lake for you and your guests to enjoy during your dining experience at The Grosse Pointe Club.

The Main Porch
With the lake and sunset peering through the windows, the main porch is perfect for fine dining. The tall arches and high ceilings only add to the sophisticated look. The main porch seats up to one hundred people, capable of housing large dinner parties, weddings, graduations, or any other type of celebration.

The Lake Room
A la carte usually takes place within the lake room, with normal dinner hours from six to nine pm. The room’s view of the lake is pristine and extremely close. The lake room can sit up to forty people, making it a great place to host brunches and small dining parties.

The Terrace
Located outside, the terrace is mainly used for a la carte during the summer,weather permitting. The closed in porch provides an excellent way to dine without dealing with any of the hassles incorporated with being outside. The terrace’s capacity is thirty people and offers another way to enjoy the sunset while feasting.