Grosse Pointe Club Event Venues

Private Events for weddings, social gatherings and business meetings may be sponsored by Grosse Pointe Club Members.


The main floor of the Grosse Pointe Club depicts classic, eloquent scene and consists of five different sectioned rooms: The living room, the main porch, the lounge, the Governor’s room and the buffet dining room.

The Living Room

The view from the spacious living room area makes it ideal for congregating and celebrating. With a capacity of fifty people, the room is more than sufficient for cocktail parties, gaming events as well as small dinner parties.


The Main Porch

With the lake and sunset peering through the windows, the main porch is perfect for fine dining. The tall arches and high ceilings only add to the sophisticated look. The main porch seats up to one hundred people, capable of housing large dinner parties, weddings, graduations, or any other type of celebration.


The Lounge

The lounge is a relaxing spot for members to come and enjoy the company of others as well as the view. Furnished with new carpet, furniture and decorations, the room begs for attention. Seating up to thirty five people and having the bar so close, it serves as a great spot to have a cocktail or beverage before dining. The lounge can also be used for small gaming events or get togethers.


The Governor’s Room

The secluded Governor’s room provides a great private location for business and committee meetings. The Governor’s room unites professionalism with comfort, appealing to a sense of ease.


The Buffet Dining Room

The buffet dining room has a capacity of fifty people and is used for both banquet and buffet parties. This room can be used for mingling with others or as a dance floor during events. This room is also good for graduation and birthday parties as well as the occasional brunch or fundraiser.




The lower floor of the Grosse Pointe Club provides members with a more casual and homely dining experience. The lower floor hosts three rooms: the lake room, the marine bar and the terrace.

The Lake Room

A la carte usually takes place within the lake room, with normal dinner hours from six to nine pm. The room’s view of the lake is pristine and extremely close. The lake room can sit up to forty people, making it a great place to host brunches and small dining parties.


The Marine Bar

The marine bar is located on the far side of the lower level,seating up to twenty five people at one time. The marine bar is ideal for having a cocktail, catching up on sporting events or sharing a story. Facing the water, the short walk from the marine bar to the lake is one that many people tend to enjoy.


The Terrace

Located outside, the terrace is mainly used for a la carte during the summer,weather permitting. The closed in porch provides an excellent way to dine without dealing with any of the hassles incorporated with being outside. The terrace’s capacity is thirty people and offers another way to enjoy the sunset while feasting.